June 21, 2024

Apple’s M4 iMac: What to Expect


Apple is expected to release a new 24-inch iMac with the M4 chip in 2024. This update focuses on enhancing performance and efficiency with AI capabilities.

M4 Chip

The M4 chip, built on 3-nanometer technology, offers up to 25% faster performance than the M3 chip. It features a 10-core CPU and GPU, with significant speed improvements evidenced by Geekbench benchmarks.


The design of the iMac remains unchanged since its 2021 redesign. The 2024 model will maintain its slim profile and vibrant color options, with updates focusing primarily on internal enhancements.

Larger iMac

Rumors of a larger 30-inch iMac persist, but it is not expected until at least 2025. The 2024 lineup will continue to feature the 24-inch model.

Release Date

The updated iMac is anticipated to be released around the end of 2024, possibly during Apple’s typical October or November events.

For more details, visit the original article on MacRumors.

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